White water scares Adrienne more than electron orbits, and blood doesn’t scare her at all. Adrienne’s editing experience encompasses substantive and stylistic phases (content development strategist), and copy editing for mainstream publishers as well as small businesses and associations like the Editors’ Association of Canada. She specializes in science (predominantly chemistry), social sciences, first aid, and adventure sports. She also has experience as a computer network administrator and a curriculum correlation analyst.

Adrienne Montgomerie is the Dameditors’ podcaster.

Outside of work, Adrienne has fought fires professionally and climbed frozen water falls just for fun. Her leisure time is spent adventuring on water — frozen or liquid, level or inclined. Sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and ice climbing call to her.

In 2011, the Editors’ Association of Canada named Adrienne the Lee d’Anjou Volunteer of the Year, their top honour for extended volunteer service with a “tremendous impact” on the organization.

They also awarded Adrienne the status of Certified Copy Editor – after a gruelling 3 hour exam.

Adrienne spent two terms as the national Director of Communications and still partakes in the professional association’s Kingston twig (that’s a little smaller than a branch). You will find her online as “scieditor.” Visit Adrienne’s own website for more details and to read her Right Angels and Polo Bears blog.